Friday, June 10, 2005

NY Post Andrea Peyser Waits Anxiously For The Michael Jackson Verdict

"I want to go home already," moaned the famous and incredibly witty NY Post columnist to me this afternoon when I called her cell to pitch a story for the Samsung Four Season of Hope gig HWH is involved with this coming Monday night. "I might not make it home this weekend. The jury quits by 2:30pm Pacific Coast Time and there is no indication that they will reach a verdict."

Peyser has been hanging out outside the Santa Maria courtroom all week waiting with thousands of others to find out first hand the fate of the Gloved-One's future. "The crowd is swelling. Everyday more and more fans are showing up. Security is tight and so far everyone is calm. I don’t know what will happen if Michael gets convicted."

Peyser said that everyone is speculating whether the authorities will take him away immediately if he is convicted or he can go home to wait sentencing. "I have said from the beginning that he is not getting totally off."

Unlike most of the crowd waiting, Peyser has an upfront seat in the courtroom to see all the action when the jury come back in. Right now she is hanging out in a coffee shop across the street from the courthouse keeping an eye on the front door.

If the jury returns this afternoon Peyser will attend the Samsung event Monday night. If they don't, blame it on Jackson. He screwed me too.


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