Friday, June 10, 2005

NY Post Andrea Peyser Waits Anxiously For The Michael Jackson Verdict

"I want to go home already," moaned the famous and incredibly witty NY Post columnist to me this afternoon when I called her cell to pitch a story for the Samsung Four Season of Hope gig HWH is involved with this coming Monday night. "I might not make it home this weekend. The jury quits by 2:30pm Pacific Coast Time and there is no indication that they will reach a verdict."

Peyser has been hanging out outside the Santa Maria courtroom all week waiting with thousands of others to find out first hand the fate of the Gloved-One's future. "The crowd is swelling. Everyday more and more fans are showing up. Security is tight and so far everyone is calm. I don’t know what will happen if Michael gets convicted."

Peyser said that everyone is speculating whether the authorities will take him away immediately if he is convicted or he can go home to wait sentencing. "I have said from the beginning that he is not getting totally off."

Unlike most of the crowd waiting, Peyser has an upfront seat in the courtroom to see all the action when the jury come back in. Right now she is hanging out in a coffee shop across the street from the courthouse keeping an eye on the front door.

If the jury returns this afternoon Peyser will attend the Samsung event Monday night. If they don't, blame it on Jackson. He screwed me too.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Torre vs. Me

I just don’t understand how Joe Torre -- a guy who claims he can’t stand confrontations because his father was a mean son-of-a-bitch -- can take these difficult times with George Steinbrenner? I just finished reading a story in the New York Post this morning about how Steinbrenner summoned Torre, General Manager Brian Cashman and Club President Randy Levine to a conference call yesterday because the Yankees have been losing consistently to the Royals, Red Sox and Twins.

Steinbrenner didn’t fire anyone, but he wants answers. If you ever met Torre you know that a meeting like that, even if it is only a telephone conversation, is not going to be his best hour. I have the pleasure of working with him for the Samsung Four Seasons of Hope, a corporate philanthropy program that partners with Torre’s Safe At Home Foundation. HWH has arranged many interviews for Torre promoting the SFSOH cause by talking about the physical and verbal abuse his mother, brothers and sisters endured from Joe’s father.

After 28 years of being in business, I can truly understand the pressure Torre faces now. What I don’t understand is how he copes. I know I freak when a client questions me about strategic decisions, lack of home runs and the way we pitch. And I had the nicest father in the world. What does he say? I wish I could listen to his reasoning, his style, his approach. Maybe I can steal a first base tactic. Steinbrenner must have been ruthless. When reporters questioned Torre about the conversation, all he would say is that The Boss wasn’t happy.

The difference between Torre and I is that he has class all the way. I, on the other hand, become so defensive that I am on the offensive. Let me play out the scenario for you.

Steinbrenner to Torre: “What the hell is going on. You guys are playing like a bunch of third graders. You are losing games to the worst in the league.

Torre to Steinbrenner: “I am not sure what is going on. I can fix the pitching but I am not sure why we are not hitting.”

Lois to Steinbrenner: “How dare you question me. I have been giving you World Series Champions for years. Don’t you ever call my team third graders again. You have no clue what it takes to hit a home run. All you have is a big mouth.”

How long do you think I would last with Steinbrenner? I would have put Billy Martin to shame.