Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Image As An Uptown Girl

Every morning I walk my Maltese Coco on 62nd Street and Second Avenue before I get into my car for the 10 block ride to my office. Yes I am very decadent, I drive to work. I pay for two garages in Manhattan and somehow that works out to be less expensive than taking a cab. Of course, the prices I am paying could buy a lovely home in the interiors of the country but who wants to live there.

Anyway I am very fastidious about how I walk my dog, how I clean up after her and how I clean her after she poops.

I carry baby wipes with me at all time so I can clean the sidewalk (I hate leaving residue--or maybe it should be spelled--residoo-from my precious dog for someone to look at) and I like to clean her tush so that nothing smears on me when she is on my lap during the car ride each day.

As luck would have it, every once in a while, when I bend down to clean what sometimes is an awful mess, someone I know is walking by catching me in this process.

The other day a retired mogul from the early days of the home video revolution was on his way to the gym when he spotted me holding a handful of shitty wipes. This morning a gal who I do charity work with tapped me on the shoulder as I was practically on my knees scraping the sidewalk.

Is this how I want people to see me?

Most of the time I am an aggressive businesswoman spewing out information that makes deals and sets policy. This morning I was the mother of a 13 year old Maltese who needs me to wipe her rear.

Now that I think about it, somedays there is little difference between what I have to do at my two jobs.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Where Is The Fashion Police When You Need Them?

As a PR expert for the last 30 years, I must be more sensative to changes in fashion than most others. My mind is befuddled by what most young women are wearing today. If any of my school mates or friends would have ever had their bra straps hanging out we would have thought that their brains were fried. Today showing your straps makes you appear edgy and cool.

This morning a gal interviewed for an AE job at HWH. I just couldn't hire her even though she was very bright. I can't send her on a client call wearing the clothes she showed up in. From the ground up: Red rubber boots, tight burmuda shorts that were about five inches higher than her boots, , a see thru pregnancy looking blouse with her straps handing out. To top it all off, a ring in her lower lip.

Years ago, if I saw a gal walking down the street like that , I would have called the guys in the
white coats to cart her off. Today she is considered a glamour puss.

All I have to say is "What a revoluting development this is!"