Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Google Is This Girl's Best Friend

Most women desire diamonds. I desire being relevant and try to keep up with the geniuses on the horizon. Say hello to Zak Katz of Harvard and Ben Cole, Cornell. They both interned at HWH a few years ago and now Ben is spending his second summer at Google in New York and Zak is at a major biotech company.

I was so flattered when Ben invited me to join Zak and him for lunch at Google. Everyone who works for Google on the East and West coasts get free breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mario Batali was the guest chef the day I got to see how the other world lives. Their individual dining rooms consist of Gourmet, Sushi, Kosher, Deli, and Snack Stands.

And when they are not hungry or facing a deadline, Google employees get to hang out in the ping pong, pool, Lego, TV, or board game rooms. And if they are still not satisfied, they can relax in a lounge area with wifi.

What a shock it is going to be when these kids go to work in a traditional office where toilet paper may be at a premium.

Sex In the 60

There should be a law. Women over 60 have to wear bras. Not sure what this is all about but a fashion Icon has to set standards. Donna Karan is starting to look like LWNY. Maybe it is just a lousy picture