Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just read Page 6


Stop the theatrics!!!!

Is your relationship with The Donald worth saving?

You can't have it both ways (Get the double entendre?)

When you hired Rosie you appeared to be a renaissance woman in your golden years.

Your audiences saw you as a forward thinker, open to new ideas, accepting of change, a futurist.

You were timeless.

Recently you have reverted back to being typical, stodgy, Park Avenue stuffy, scared of the what if's.

You would rather play it safe.

Please, before it is too late, stick to your original hunch.

Rosie is a breath of fresh air.

Give Rosie your full support

Her former TV Show, her magazine, her special events, her remarks were cherished word for word by much, much more than not.

Her knack for editorial quality is unmatched.

Don't let Donald's timely PR rants sway you.

Rosie has done more for the needy than most other individuals,

Rosie is a survivor.

We thought you were too

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