Thursday, August 09, 2007

Where Is The Fashion Police When You Need Them?

As a PR expert for the last 30 years, I must be more sensative to changes in fashion than most others. My mind is befuddled by what most young women are wearing today. If any of my school mates or friends would have ever had their bra straps hanging out we would have thought that their brains were fried. Today showing your straps makes you appear edgy and cool.

This morning a gal interviewed for an AE job at HWH. I just couldn't hire her even though she was very bright. I can't send her on a client call wearing the clothes she showed up in. From the ground up: Red rubber boots, tight burmuda shorts that were about five inches higher than her boots, , a see thru pregnancy looking blouse with her straps handing out. To top it all off, a ring in her lower lip.

Years ago, if I saw a gal walking down the street like that , I would have called the guys in the
white coats to cart her off. Today she is considered a glamour puss.

All I have to say is "What a revoluting development this is!"

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Anonymous said...

Her attire sounds absolutely ridiculous. We do six sigma projects for major corporations and would be laughed at and thrown out regardless of her intelligence. Business men and women want their colleagues to look a certain way. There is certainly a little wiggle room for young men and women, but body piercings and short short shorts, and high boots won't cut it.

Good post, all of us old fat middle aged white guys need to stop being so stuffy, but that is way over the top.