Saturday, September 01, 2007

Eliot Hess Warms Up Pedro's Arm

Pedro Martinez and Mike Piazza live in our condo building in Miami. It is always so weird to see them as ordinary people leading ordinary lives. We have seen Mike around a lot but just recently we have started to see Pedro over and over. After returning to our building Thursday night there was Pedro sitting on a cement bench right in front of the lobby chatting on the telephone. It was about midnight and we just finished celebrating Eliot's birthday at DeVito's with friends.

The minute I see either Pedro or Mike I get nervous because Eliot likes to recognizes celebs with either a handshake or a conversation. My daughter and I cringe because we feel like he is invading their privacy. Eliot takes on the persona like he is the famous one just giving the boys a little encouragement.

Again, Eliot couldn't help himself, after all it was his special day. We didn't know that Pedro was leaving Miami to meet the Mets in Cincinnati. Eliot gave Pedro the high five and Pedro took that ever sensitive, that ever so valuable, right hand, and high fived him back.

Whitney and I couldn't help but give each other looks of despair. Little did we know that Eliot was just helping Pedro train after being out all season because of rotator cuff surgery.


leslie Fastenberg said...

lois and eliot:
here is my pedro story.
i was with my daughter at the shore club having a late lunch, when a
cute couple arrived and were seated next to us.
i glanced over and the guy look familiar, but i didn't give it
another thought, until he left and came back, and looked at me
directly, so I said, "you look so familiar, but I don't live down
here, where do we know each other from?
he said he lived somewhere other than long island, so I said "where
do you work" he said "queens" - I said, "where in queens" he said
"shea stadium" - to which I replied "what do you do?"
after my apology for not knowing him, I remembered, as a non met
fan, that I had read about pedro's gardening passion, which I share
and we had a lovely conversation about gardening...
happy labor day.

PikPR said...

Happy Belated Bday to Eliot! He probably made Pedro's Day. It's a heck of a lot nicer to get a smile and high five than a boo and "you suck";)