Friday, December 19, 2008

Official Apology to Rich Brome And All Offended Bloggers

Just posted this on Twitter. Received over 100 emails, most of them angry. They are right. I was wrong. Thank you for the support emails but this is the right thing to do. Amazed by the power of viral marketing and learned a lot. I should take the heat. I love the blogger community and I did them wrong. I apologize.

Lois Whitman


Madge G. Sinclair said...


It's ok. You just need to drink more. Why, I always tell off my daughter in law every Tuesday and then I go down a few glasses of Chardonnay, and I always feel better!

At my age, I can be as feisty as I want!

Ande said...

Good for you Lois.

Anonymous said...


I read about you on Tech Crunch and was appauled. Michael Arrington has a history of bad reporting, not doing his homework and trying to ruin people and companies he knows little or nothing about. The mob mentality of his "followers" is pathetic and I've seen this done to people I know personally. Just wanted to let you know that most people I know would be far more offended by Michael's post than any business practices you've participated in. Don't let that a-hole drag you down - you are obvioulsy doing something right! Best, Michele

Anthony Papillion said...

Big of you to offer an apology, but I don't think it's really needed. You were doing your job. Sometimes, that job ticks people off. It doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. People need to get a little less touchy.


Anonymous said...

Yours is a good example of how to apologize. None of that "if I offended anyone" stuff but a plain and simple apology. Good job.

Jeremiah Owyang said...

Great job on apologizing, everyone makes mistakes (i've made my fair share in public too) what matters next is what you've learned from it, move on, and learn.