Thursday, February 07, 2008

Strahan Acts Like A Two Year Old

Am I the only one to think that Michael Strahan's behavior at the mic during the Giants' Hero Parade in New York on Tuesday was a little juvenille? I have watched sports for many years and I have marveled at the respect most sports figures show to the competing team. I have often wondered if each team player was media trained because you always hear them compliment and say something good about the other side. Strahan was making fun of the New England Patriots and making gestures that just looked so unprofessional. He only made himself look foolish. I just couldn't believe my eyes especially with the ever so polite and reserved Tom Coughlin as his coach. Let's see how long that smirk is going to stay on Strahan's face. Where is his wife who he allegedly roughed up a few months ago?

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