Monday, March 09, 2009

Memo to Bill Gates

Maybe you should rethink how smart Warren Buffet is after his recent remarks on CNBC. I didn't see any gems coming from him about the state of the economy.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not using this space to be critical of one of this country's top business leaders. All I am saying is that in a time when we were looking for great insight, his recent remarks came up short.

I could have said the same thing and that is pretty scary.

Where is his genius? Bill Gates says Buffet is his mentor.

I hope Buffet doesn't turn out to be a major disappointment now that America is really examining his words.


Anonymous said...

Lois, Buffett is very careful not to say anything that will affect his business. I did feel that his comment that Obama was the best person to be in place right now was encouraging. Another interesting point was the way that Buffett separated Citicorp from the rest of the banks and said that if a bank goes bad, it's accounts will just be bought by another bank. I would still put my money with Buffett if I could afford it. Dick

BillSD said...

Scary premise, Lois. Perhaps the emperor has fewer clothes than we thought.

It must be hard to be an oracle.