Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who Has Time For A Social Life?

Today I am avoiding my friends. I have too much to do. Blogging, treadmill, weights, online scrabble and solitare, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Audible, checking MeetUps, emails, web sites, 1010 WINS, reading online newspapers and blogs, ipod audiobooks, iphone apps, tv shows, play with Coco, and Sunday night "To Do" list to prepare for the week.

My life has gone totally digital. I sit behind a computer like I am the director of a movie putting all the pieces of a plot together. The plot is my life and I now map it on my Microsoft Outlook calendar, contacts and tasks so I can see it from every laptop I own. I can't be away from my electronics for a second. Never take a shower without putting my Treo and cell on the vanity. iPhone is recharging.

I wake up in the middle of the night and right from my bed talk online to pals and biz contacts in Asia, Israel and Europe. Now must write back old friends who find me on Facebook and want to be new friends.

Not enough hours in the day to live a digital life and a real one

See you on the net

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Anonymous said...

Wait you're avoiding your friends so that you can play online solitaire? Sounds terrible.