Monday, July 27, 2009

Live Social Networking

Remember, whatever you post on any of your social networks is going to
be seen by all. The word "all" is the operative word. Saturday night I
attended a party in the Hamptons where I met up with a famous investment
banker who looked a little down. I asked him why he was so preoccupied.

He admitted that he had a big deal in the works. He hinted about it on
his personal blog a week ago and the other side immediately felt
betrayed. They said he couldn't be trusted. They walked away. He was
devastated. One little line like.........."something big is about to
happen" blew his deal.

He spent the entire night at the party calling everyone on speed dial
trying to gain sympathy. No one could help him but his close friends
gave him the time to vent. I spoke to him again this morning and he just
doesn't understand what he did wrong.

That in itself is the problem. I suffer too from putting too much in
writing. I am warning all of you. Think twice about the content you are
about to post on your site, their site, Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere

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