Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Social Networking Is Coming To A Gas Station Near You

I bet you are not aware of a whole new video platform for reaching your customer. It delivers 20 million customers a month that have a spare five to 10 minutes with nothing to do but hear your marketing message. Social Networking on the Internet is all about directly reaching your target audience and this is a novel approach.

Check out Pump Top TV at www.pumptoptv.com, a new video concept at 12,500 gas stations across the country. Watch the attached video to see how it works.

Companies like Audi, Verizon and Delta have already jumped on the bandwagon. They report fabulous results because they have a captured audience without all of the usual distractions. Early adopters are always thought of as cutting edge companies.

A year from now this is going to be huge just like wireless email, e-readers, MP3 players, etc. You heard it here first.

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