Monday, August 17, 2009

You Need To Make Sure Your Message Is Being Heard

Great to have Facebook and Twitter corporate account but what if no one is hearing you?

There are probably countless things you can do to attract friends and fans but here are the initiatives you need to do over and over to make sure you have the right target audience.

1-Connect your Twitter account to your Facebook page so both audiences can read your comments.

2-Post comments that provoke a response. Easier said then done but you can't be commercial. You have to talk about subjects that interest others.

3-Use "Search" on Twitter for key words that will bring you to people who have the same interests. For example, if you are promoting a shoe company you would look up, "Styles," "Feet," "Foot Problems," "Footwear," "Footwear styles," "Achy Feet," "Walking," etc.

4-You also need to click on "Trends" to see what the hot topics are for the day. You will be surprised to see there are topics you can join in on and attract new followers. Remember, your goal is to brand your logo so post, post, post.

5-Make sure you don't post anything you will regret later. It happens to all of us but once you have been burned, you will not do it again.

6-Use "Search" on Twitter to find people you admire. Follow them. Most likely they will follow you back.

7-Join as many groups as you can on Facebook. You will be networked to people you never thought you would have a one on one conversation with. Check out the group first to make sure they fit your target audience.

8-Always spend time posting comments to those people on Facebook and Twitter that you want to get closer to. Social networks are just like real life. You have to give to receive.

More tips in a future post

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