Thursday, August 06, 2009

Un Social Networker

It is not easy being a proponent for social networking

Take the case of HWH trying to explain the benefits of social networking to a client recently

Client: I guess I understand why you want my company to be on Facebook and Twitter

HWH: Yes, without spending a dime you can talk directly to your customers for the first time ever, you can precisely pick who those customers are and you can actually conduct an interactive dialog

Client: But I don’t like the whole concept

HWH: Why?

Client: My old girlfriends can now find me

HWH: Something tells us “Thou Protests Too Much”

Client: Every time I go on Facebook or Twitter, all I read about are comments from friends of mine who say “I am having a bad day.”

HWH: Get past that and learn how to use the technology for branding and sales

Client: We trust HWH so handle it

HWH: Okay, we will make it work

A few minutes later client screams out : Oh my, check this one out”

HWH: Hmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!

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